• Saving traditional orchards
    Orchard Link
    Orchard Link
    Saving traditional orchards
  • Conserving local varieties
    Orchard Link
    Orchard Link
    Conserving local varieties
  • Apple pressing equipment
    Orchard Link
    Orchard Link
    Apple pressing equipment
  • Orchard skills training
    Orchard Link
    Orchard Link
    Orchard skills training
  • Advice, information and events
    Orchard Link
    Orchard Link
    Advice, information and events

Orchard Link

Saving Traditional Orchards since 1998

Orchard Link is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation established in 1998 by apple and cider enthusiasts in south Devon concerned about the rapid decline of traditional orchards – with all their environmental and cultural value.

Profound changes in the local agricultural economy have meant the loss of both orchard knowledge and the means to make productive use of crops. Orchard Link offers its members technical advice, a programme of events, courses and activities, and makes key items of equipment – mills, presses and pasteurisers – available for hire.


Latest Orchard Link News

Chip Budding Course

Saturday 11th August 2018

: 09.45 prompt-15.30 approx.

This course will be run by Tom Nancarrow of Pip & Stone an apple sage who runs courses and workshops in East Devon. More info

Summer Picnic


: 18.30

A visit to a walled garden to enjoy a summers evening and picnic with other Orchard Link members. More info

Orchard Link Committee Meeting


: 7.30pm

The next Orchard Link Comittee meeting will be held at the Church House Harberton. All members are welcome. More info

Pruning Stoned Fruit Trees


: 9.45am - 3.30pm

Workshop on pruning stoned fruit trees such as cherries & plums etc. This course will be led by Charles Staniland. More info


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