DNA identification scheme for Apples, Pears and Cherries

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Orchard Link has received the following message from Peter Laws at East Malling Research Centre:

Following the success of our Scheme in 2016, we are offering DNA analysis of Apple, Pear and Cherry fruit trees for 2017 at £25 plus VAT per sample. There is no minimum order quantity.

The world-renowned research laboratories at East Malling in Kent, NIAB-EMR, will provide the DNA analysis; the National Fruit Collection will review the results; and Peter Laws of fruitID.com will administer the scheme. Please feel free to forward this message and attachment to anyone you think might be interested.

Who can participate?

Any individual or organisation based in U.K. or Eire.

What do I have to do?

Decide on the exact number of apple, pear and cherry samples you wish to submit. Then complete the attached Sample Bag Request Form and email to peter_laws@msn.com

What do I get?

You will be notified of any matching fingerprint in the National Fruit Collection (2,100 apples and 550 pears) or other records held by NIAB-EMR or the other samples in the 2016 or 2017 schemes. You will be provided with the fingerprint data. If your sample is unique, you still get the fingerprint data and can participate in discussions for naming the variety.

What is the small print?

Information about samples is in the public domain and the email address of the sample owner may be shared with scheme participants. The commercial arrangements are between each participant and NIAB‑EMR. Only samples in Numbered Scheme Bags will be accepted. We are not able to provide information on likely parentage.

What is the Timetable?

Sample Bag Request: Now until 23rd June deadline
Request the exact quantity of Numbered Scheme Bags for each fruit type (the sooner the better please).

Sample Bag Despatch: From 1st May
Peter will post Numbered Scheme Bags, an EMR address label and a record form to each participant with detailed sample collection guidance.

Sample submission: 1st May to 30th June deadline
Collect sample leaves fresh and immediately post direct to EMR first class in the Numbered Scheme Bags, with a order form for EMR. Receipt of your samples at EMR will be confirmed by Peter.

Results circulated: By end November 2017
DNA Analysis will take several months. EMR will email results to fruitID for review with NFC and then forward to participants by email. Scheme results will also be downloadable from fruitID.com

Discussion of detailed results by Orchard Groups with an issue log kept by the scheme.


Please let me know if you need help or further information.

Kind regards

Peter Laws