Chip Budding Course

Saturday 11th August 2018

: 09.45 prompt-15.30 approx.

  • Orchard Link Event

This course will be run by Tom Nancarrow of Pip & Stone an apple sage who runs courses and workshops in East Devon. Tom also provides orchard services for individual orchard owners working for the National Trust, River Cottage HQ, East Devon District Council, The Landsman Magazine, AONB East Devon. He also works with Adam Powell of Adams Apples.

Chip budding is one of the easier forms of grafting. A bud, rather than a shoot, is attached to a rootstock to make a new plant. With practice, this technique can be mastered by anyone and, as just one bud is needed to make a tree, it is very efficient. Bud grafting, or chip budding, is done in the summer, between July and September so that the bud has enough of the growing season to heal into the rootstock, but reaches winter dormancy before it can grow. This means that you can chip bud any rootstocks where spring bench grafts have failed, giving you another stab at propagation success in the same year.

The course will comprise of initial instruction followed by practice on willow shoots. Once individuals have mastered the technique there will be the opportunity to graft on to MM106 apple rootstocks in pots which will be provided. Each participant will have three rootstocks which are provided in the course fee and which they can take away with them after the course.

Participants can bring material from their own trees or use material provided at the course for the grafting. Material can be taken from old trees coming to the end of their life to propogate another tree.

The course will be held in the Dartington area.

Tea and coffee will be provided however participants should provide their own lunch.

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