All Ways Apple Festival, Devonport


: 11am-4pm

  • Community Orchard Event
  • External Event

All Ways Apples is a community apple festival which is held in Devonport, Plymouth, in the Autumn of each year. Founded in 2010, All Ways Apples incorporates a range of community and learning activities around edible landscape, local food and urban regeneration. The Festival brings people together from across Devonport, Plymouth and further afield. It reconnects residents with each other, with local food and with the seasons, celebrating and learning about Devonport, apples and fruit growing.

All Ways Apples provides opportunities to explore every aspect of the apple: the history; the diversity; local varieties; how to grow and care for the trees; pressing fresh juice; and great tasting and healthy apple recipes. Activities include: apple pressing; workshops; demonstrations; creative activities; and healthy food initiatives including cookery demonstrations. All Ways Apples is open, inclusive and popular with children, families and the wider Devonport community.

All Ways Apples is the flagship of the Dig for Devonport initiative. It is a legacy of a two year project with the residents of Devonports King William Heights. All Ways Apples is delivered through Routeways . The main venue for the Festival is Devonport’s historic Guildhall. All Ways Apples is delivered in association with partner organisations including: the Real Ideas Organisation (Rio); Public Health (Plymouth Community Health Care); Food Plymouth; Transition Plymouth; The National Trust; Orchard Link; Housing Associations; Green Ark Children’s Centre; Stepping Stones to Nature; Plymouth Tree Partnership; Devonport Time Bank.