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Summer pruning of apple and pear trees increases the light and air to developing fruit, leading to greater size and improved colour and sugar content. Summer pruning can also encourage fruit buds to form, leading to greater yield in the following year.

Veronica and Robin Cross will host the Summer Pruning Event at Beeson Farm, just south of Slapton on Saturday 13th July beginning at 10.15 am, until around 4.15 pm.  Full details about the day will be provided to attendees closer to the time.

Up 12 places are available for the training group, within the event, and the cost of the course is £20 per person for members and £25 for non-members.  For those who just want to enjoy a day working in the orchard, the event is free...!  Please confirm your preference when you book.

Please bring secateurs if you have some, and personal kit for a day in the field, plus a picnic lunch.  Drinks will be provided by Veronica and Robin.

In case of wet weather, there may be an option to postpone until the next Saturday.

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