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Have you lots of apples to spare? Or do you need lots of apples for juicing or cider making? This section of the website acts as a notice board for individuals in and around Devon to get in touch with each other. Just complete and submit the form. We will then add it to the listings below. You are then free to contact other potential buyers or sellers and make your own arrangement.


Some important small print
The information you give in the form will be made visible on this website page, so please only provide details that you are willing to have in the public domain.
Orchard Link’s role is simply to provide space on this noticeboard for your listings. We do not verify any of the information provided or make any claims about quality, quantity, value or arrangements. Orchard Link plays no part in any agreement or contract that might be made.
We will remove listings after each harvest season is over, but you are welcome to resubmit for the following season. If you wish to have your listing removed or updated before then, please contact us.

Finally, remember that Orchard Link's membership is concentrated in South Devon and this service is in the main for those in and around Devon.

Should you be thinking of listing on this page and you are located outside the Devon area please consider carefully if this is for you. Traveling distances, costs of transport and the increased costs of picking have to be thought about when putting a listing on this page.

For those who are located further away it is recommended you look source apples from orchards nearer to you.

It is important to put the amount of apples you are looking for and whether you will pick yourself or will provide bags for picked apples and the price you are willing to pay.

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