Incredible Edible Orchards, Totnes

Orchards all around the town

Incredible Edible group supports three community orchard sites

Totnes has three new orchards which were planted by the Incredible Edible project group of Transition Town Totnes to encourage growing of edible trees and plants in public places:

Town Cemetery, Follaton 

An orchard of about 40 fruit trees has been planted among the gravestones in the Town Cemetery at Follaton (between 2007-2014) and now has many fruiting plum, apple and pear trees.

Follaton Arboretum

An orchard of 50 apple, pear and plum trees was planted in the Follaton Arboretum in February 2012, on a north-facing slope, and its trees are just beginning to fruit in the last year or two.  


A small community orchard in a grassy patch beside Meadow Close, in Bridgetown, planted in 2008 with 10 trees, which are now fruiting.

Totnes also has a mature community orchard planted more than 25 years ago by the Woodland Trust, which has many heavy-cropping fruit trees, at Colwell Wood. Incredible Edible volunteers have helped to prune and harvest this orchard over the last 3-4 years, and hosted community apple pressings after the harvest. 

Information about these orchards can be found on the Orchard Link community orchard sites webpage, and in - follow links to Follaton Arboretum and Follaton Town cemetery.


  • Size of site : various
  • Parish : Totnes
  • Number of trees : 90 over 3 sites
  • Age trees at 2015 : 5-80 years
  • Incredible Edible Orchards, Totnes