Orchard Link privacy policy

(last updated 5 May 2018) 

Why This Policy and Why Now

At Orchard Link, we take your privacy seriously and we keep our procedures to safeguard your data under constant review. The law on data privacy has changed and from May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) placed a greater burden on organisations which gather and hold your personal data, and more accurately set out your rights (see the table below for those rights and how they relate to Orchard Link).

There are a limited number of discrete reasons under which organisations may collect, retain and process your data.  Orchard Link does so to pursue its legitimate interests in support of your membership and associated hiring activity.

This privacy policy has been approved by our Committee.  We are not required to appoint a Data Protection Officer, but a committee member will act to safeguard all our interests in this regard.  We will review this policy when appropriate and at least once a year.  In all instances of wishing to contact Orchard Link about your data, please use the contact form on the website, ensuring the word Data is included in the subject field.

The Data We Hold And Process

At Orchard Link we will only use your personal information to keep in touch with you, and other members, through emails and newsletters and to manage Orchard Link and the services we offer as efficiently as possible.   

If you make equipment bookings you will be asked to provide your name, a contact email address and a telephone number as part of that process.  Orchard Link will make that information available to other hiring members through the hidden calendar on the website for the purposes of managing and transferring the equipment.  This information will be also held by our booking agent “SimplyBook.Me” whose privacy policy for that information can be read here

If we receive a request for your data from any other external organisation or individual, we will always refuse, but if we feel the request has merit we will contact you with the request and invite you to contact them directly if you desire.

We will keep no more information than that which you have shared with us and at most that will be the following:

·         Your name, your address, your home telephone number and your mobile telephone number, your email address and any further optional information you have shared with us on the application form

·         A record of any equipment hirings and any Harvestline postings you have made 

·         A record of payments made for membership, courses and equipment hirings

This bulk data is kept securely by the Membership Secretary as password-protected computer files. The data will be available to members of the Committee (primarily Press Hire and the Treasurer) and Trustees to the minimum level required in pursuit of their duties.  Your name, contact number and email address will be shared privately with other hiring members (through an online calendar) when you make a booking in order to manage equipment handovers smoothly.

Orchard Link will only keep past personal data records for a maximum of two years, after which they will be deleted.  Anonymised statistical data only will be retained.

The Data We Do Not Hold Or Process

Orchard Link does not record or store any data categorised by the Data Protection Regulations as “sensitive” or “special category”. Orchard Link does not record, store or process any sensitive financial information such as bank account numbers or credit card numbers, except that transferred to, and held by , our bank as part of any BACS transfer you choose to make.

In cases where members choose to pay for equipment hire, membership, course fees, etc by Paypal, then the relevant financial data (bank account numbers or credit card numbers) is held by Paypal, not by Orchard Link and the transaction is governed by the relevant data protection policy of Paypal.

In cases where members choose to pay for membership by direct debit through GoCardless, then the relevant financial data (bank account numbers or credit card numbers) is held by GoCardless, not by Orchard Link and the transaction is governed by the relevant data protection policy of GoCardless.

Website Cookies:  While our website currently uses cookies, Orchard Link does not process or use any information arising from these cookies and we retain no record of your visits.  You should be aware, however, that your web browser or search engine may track your visit to our website and hold data relating to your visit over which we have no control.  We advise you to become knowledgeable about the behaviour of the systems you use to access the web and use your privacy controls to best reflect your wishes.

Your Rights Under the GDPR

As a not-for-profit organisation we will remain unregistered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, but we will remain compliant with the General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in mid-May 2018.  As such you, as the “data subject” within the regulations have eight rights, the following seven of which have applicability to Orchard Link. 

It should be noted that, in common with most legislation, there is much detail in the rights and if you plan to exercise one of them (particularly those marked *) it would be good to have a look at the full details at this link.  In all circumstances we will do our best to assist you in exercising your rights or suggesting an independent adviser in the unlikely event of any conflict.  

Your Right

How you Exercise It with Orchard Link

The right to be informed

through this privacy policy

The right of access

simply send us an email or use the contact form to ask what we hold

The right to rectification

having seen what we hold, you can tell us to change it if it is wrong

The right to erasure

In certain circumstances* you can ask us to erase the data we hold at any time; your data will also be erased within two years after you leave Orchard Link for any reason

The right to object

if for any reason you feel the data we hold is causing you concern - although that is unlikely given that we only hold the above data - you can object* to us, and if you are not happy with our response, to the Information Commissioner

The right to restrict processing

we only process your data internally for your benefit as a member and to assist us in managing Orchard Link; you can at any time ask us about this and if you desire, restrict what we do*

The right to data portability

Although we do not believe there to be any equivalent organisations we cannot rule out there may be a need for us to transfer your data (at your request*) to a similar organisation. 

The right which doesn't specifically apply to Orchard Link:

Right which doesn’t apply

Why it doesn’t apply

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

we do not conduct these activities

 *Full details of individual's rights under the new regulations are here 

For further detailed information on the new rules concerning Data Protection please refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office website